Stephen Edward was born on May 21, 1951 in Long Branch, NJ the second child of five children. It was with Stephen Edward that James Anthony shared a room while growing up. They were undoubtedly not the ‘odd couple’, but they were opposite in personalities. James Anthony was more compulsively neat, and Stephen Edward was more casual. They really didn’t fight; they just were two different personalities. They shared the bedroom, but they pretty much kept to themselves. One interesting aside about Stephen Edward was kind of the standard joke in the family that the family called him the ‘CIA agent’ as he didn’t share much information with the rest of the family. To this day he still kind of has that trait and is noted as such.

Stephen Edward tends to hold on to what he has once he has achieved what he wanted. It was in his sophomore year in high school that he landed a part time job as a ‘busboy’ at Perkins restaurant and that was his working job all through high school and college. That was his only job that he had while going to school; he did not have multiple part jobs. An interesting note that goes along with Stephen Edward’s busboy job is that he would receive tips as did the waitresses. He would store them in shoeboxes or bags under his bed. Needless to say the tips accumulated as he didn’t bother wrapping them and bring them to the bank. It was on several occasions that his Mom had enough of the accumulation of the coins and would wrap the coins and deposit them in the bank for him. It was also in high school around 1967 that Stephen Edward formed a band with Joe Valentino and Barry Rubino. He played the trumpet; Joe was on the drums; Barry played the piano. The band has changed members, but it is stilling active and they play at weddings and other various functions. Another of Stephen Edward’s traits, besides holding onto what he has, is that he takes his time to go ahead and do something. For instance he didn’t get his driver’s license at seventeen, but didn’t get his license until September 12, 1973 about four or five years after he turned seventeen.

Stephen Edward attended Monmouth College, now Monmouth University, and received his BSEE in electrical engineering. He, also, got his masters degree, MSEE, also from Monmouth University in electrically engineering in 1976. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Monmouth, he started working for Booz-Allen Hamilton on July 27, 1974. He has been working for them ever since. As part of his job he had to get high level security clearance. For this clearance he had to be interviewed by the FBI. As I stated above with his driver’s license, he was slow to go ahead with things. One of the consequences of this was that during the FBI interview it came out that he forgot to register for the selective service draft. It was not that he was a draft dodger during the Vietnam War, but he just never got ‘around’ to it. As being distinguished with working for Booz-Allen Hamilton for over forty years, he has received several career accommodations – one for twenty-five years of service, one for thirty years of service, and one for forty years of service.

Stephen Edward was married twice. After his first marriage ended, where he had two children from (Stephen, Jr. and Aimee), he found his soul mate in Theresa (Brimmer) Tuzeneu and they were married on June 4, 1983. As a result of this marriage, he had three children: Sarah, Christopher, and Rachael.

Besides the story of Stephen Edward deftly placing a football under Paul Leon’s mattress, here is another funny story. It happened on one of the family summer camping vacation trips. This trip was during the cross country trip about 1966 or 1967. The family was traveling through South Dakota going to Mt. Rushmore. They had just visited some buffalo herds. While winding their way along a small back road, they came to a one lane tunnel. Stephen Edward had his bugle with him as he had started learning to play it. He had to tell James Anthony what he was doing as he was sitting next to him in the back seat of the family’s ’62 Chrysler New Yorker behind their Dad who was driving. Stephen Edward took his bugle and just as his Dad was about to enter the tunnel, he tooted on the bugle. Needless to say his Dad nearly jumped out of his skin as he thought it was a huge tractor trailer truck behind him blasting on his truck horn. The timing was perfect; Stephen Edward tooted his bugle at the most optimum time for his Dad’s reaction to occur.